Latest News:

We are still making all of your favorite liquors! Hand sanitizer is available as well. We are also back to offering tours and tastings!

We offer:

  • Tours of the Distillery.  Enjoy a detailed explanation of how we make our products and how alcohol is manufactured.
  • Tastings.   Of course you can try our products in the tasting room up front.
  • Bottles Sales.   The State of Ohio allows us to sell you up to two bottles for each adult per day.  So, after your tasting, you can take some spirits home with you.
  • Gifts.   We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, shot glasses, etc. for sale.
  • Figgs.  Made in Mansfield, OH, we have Apple Pie, regular, caramel and jalapeno.  Mix up your own apple pie with our Moonshine.
  • Cooper’s Mill Bloody Mary mix, both regular and spicy.
  • Primo Olives, and dip mix to have with your spirits.