Bar Owners, Bartenders, and other bar staff:   Please join us at the Distillery from 1pm to 5pm EST on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018.  We will be hosting a private tour and tasting designed for industry experts.   You will receive a complimentary tour, tasting, t-shirt, shot glass and bottle of your choice.  Please RSVP 419-610-7600.

The white rum is ready and a label has been submitted to the TTB.  We are hoping for a product launch on November 1st.

We have our first batch of Bourbon bottled.  It’s a small batch and we only have 16 bottles.

Whiskey is aging.   That will go into a toasted barrel.   We’re looking for a smooth vanilla flavor profile.   However, it’s going to take 15-18 months in the barrel before its ready.  Sorry folks.   These things take time.