Latest News:   Sam, Lori and I are back from a nice visit to London.  While there, we visited two distilleries: Beefeater and SipSmith.   In addition, we stopped over at Green King Brewery.   Beefeater makes 34 million bottles year, it very old copper stills.  The youngest being 68 years old.  They are still run like a small, mom and pop distillery on the back end.

Sip Smith is very new and modern.   They had a really good product selection, but of the two, Beefeater gave the better tour and better tasting.

Or private label vodka is on the horizon.  You will be able to customize your own label for gifts or the holidays.  November 1st is the start date for us being able to prepare the special holiday gift.

We have our first batch of Bourbon bottled.  It’s a small batch and we only have 16 bottles.

Whiskey is aging.   That will go into a toasted barrel.   We’re looking for a smooth vanilla flavor profile.   However, it’s going to take 15-18 months in the barrel before its ready.  Sorry folks.   These things take time.