PRESS RELEASE: January 18, 2018.  Iron Vault Distillery, LLC, at 134 Harding Way West, Galion, Ohio received approval from the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau), the State of Ohio and local agencies to begin production of their distilled products in Galion.  The new micro distillery owned by John Bassett, Lori Bassett and Sam Thacker, will produce its own vodka, moonshine, rum, whiskey (including bourbon) and other flavored spirits.

Bassett believes Galion was the right choice. It’s an affordable city.  With the commencement of distilling operations and the remodeling of the interior, he thinks the distillery can be made into a new “destination location.”  There are tasting rooms in the front and production facilities in the rear.

With the upcoming Grand Opening Celebration slated to be soon, visitors will be able to tour the facility, then sample some product in the tasting room.  Education on the fermentation and production process will be provided to those interested.  Visitors can currently purchase Vodka or Moonshine.  Rum and Whisky are aging in barrels, and will be available once the product is aged to perfection.  Flavored vodkas are being considered for future production.

The Bassett’s and Thacker, friends for over 21 years, started brewing beer as a hobby.  All alcohol starts with beer, so it seemed the next logical steps was to get approvals to make other alcohols.  It starts with a mash, that becomes a wort, and is fermented into alcohol.  The team partnered with Chris Erb, who has a background in the alcohol industry.  He shared family recipes, and the team is creating custom spirits to tantalize the taste buds.